Coming Home

Dan Rather with U.S. Marine Corporal Yerandys Martell-Carrasco

Dan Rather with U.S. Marine Corporal Yerandys Martell-Carrasco at Camp Lejeune.

It's been said that war changes everything. Dan Rather Reports looked at American soldiers returning from conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan and how their lives were forever changed. For the wounded, advances in technology have saved thousands of lives, but is the government prepared for the long-term cost of treating returning vets?

This piece marked the premiere of Dan Rather's new investigative journalism magazine, Dan Rather Reports, on November 14, 2006. Produced by Wayne Nelson, Janice Tomlin, Bruce Ferguson, Kira Kay, Gennine Kelly, and Dana Roberson, it was nominated for an Emmy in the category Outstanding Continuing Coverage of a News Story—Long Form.

As producer Dana Roberson remembers, the topic of soldiers and veterans has always been very dear to Rather. He did stories on Veterans Day, and one on a  former Marine Corps drill sergeant who believed that toxic chemicals in the water supply at Camp Lejeune, N.C, led to the death of his daughter.